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Janome Sewing Machine Company from Japan , established in 1921 , is the largest manufacturer of sewing machines in the world and is making machines under various Brand names . They are involved in South Africa and Pick n Pay for more that 35 years and since 1995 with their  SA Agent, Emnic Pty Ltd.  Emnic has  Service Agents all over  South Africa .           

Machines are ONLY available from Pick n Pay Hypermarkets as well as a selected range of accessories .All machine  parts ,  accessories , haberdashery , etc is also  directly available from Emnic Pty Ltd in Centurion.

The right tool for the right job makes every sewing task easier. From presser foot to haberdashery to needles ensure that every project ….  gets done easily, accurately and with joy!

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 - Bobbin Cases for sewing machines
 - Bobbin Holder for Top load machines     
 - Bobbins -  Plastic - Universal ;  5/pckt     
 - Bobbins - Janome, plastic  . 2/pckt   
 - Bobbins - Metal - Universal   ;   4/pckt     
 - Foot Controls for sewing machines / overlockers     


We have a wide range of haberdashery available to make sewing a pleasure and to assist in a succesful end project.       

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 Sewing Machines

-  Janome RE 1712
- Janome JFS 1821S
- Janome 8002D…

All Machines available at Pick n Pay Hyper

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